The World You Live In

150 years after the Game of Thrones the lands have once again became tumultuous. The King <Name> of House <Name> son of <Name> the Honorable, has descend down the path of Aerys II Targaryen, he has become consumed with power and fear. Houses are falling apart as he howls maddeningly in the night. 

In the past 150 years the House of the Wilds was started by Wildling Tribes banding together. The remaining giants soon left the House of the Wilds after feeling under represented. They started the House of Wun, in honor of Wun Wun a hero from the Battle of the Bastards.



This game will be a tactical RPG using the Pathfinder rule set and a Customer Character Creation set. It will involve resource and troop management and tough choices. The game ends upon taking control of the whole map.

Character Creation

I have created a modified character creation system to ensure a wide demographic is represented and help develop back stories, by the end of the process each player should have a good understanding of their characters history and drive to take part in the upcoming war.

War of the Throne

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