Story Feats

Positive Feats:

Renown: You got taken out of the fight early, but people love you. You often walk into bars and hear cheers for you. You get a +5 for actions involving talking to people. 

Hero: You were a hero during a war. You were a big deal, when you step into a room with soldiers they are all in awe of you. You strike fear into your opponents and inspire your allies. +2 moral bonus for allies and -2 moral bonus to enemies if you are in the same role as when you were in the war. 

Grand Maester: You are the go to for knowledge, you know basically everything that has happened. +5 misc modifier all Knowledge rolls.

Negative Feats:

Coward: When in combat you buckled and ran away, whether it was stress or a particularly bad battle no one knows. You are stricken with shame for your actions. Roll will save to over come fear DC 10+ 1/2 character level at the onset of a battle. Fights do not count only full battles.

Pariah: You were dishonorably discharged from the military, most know why and spit at the site of you. Often your name isn't even said in polite conversation. You have a -10 to bluff, and diplomacy if recognized.

Dishonored Watch: You ran away from the Nights Watch, the Lord Commander sent out a bounty to all of the Lords of the North, if you are caught you will be put on trial, and potentially executed. When in the North if not using a disguise or hiding you run the risk of being noticed. NPCs must make a DC 20 check to place who you are. If they pass the guards are called.

Story Feats

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